The birth of your child should be an experience you will always cherish.

Scientific Research for having a Doula

In a very comprehensive study, researchers found that when a doula was present there was a:

  • 50% reduction in cesarean rates
  • 25% reduction in length of labor
  • 40% reduction in the use of pitocin
  • 30% reduction in the need for pain medication
  • 60% reduction in requests for epidural anesthesia

Kennel, et al, JAMA, May 1, 1991, Vol. 265, No. 17.


The continuous support of a doula increases the likelihood of positive birth outcomes for you and your baby.

A 2012 Cochrane review of 22 randomized controlled studies and included more than 15,000 women showed that doula support:

  • decreases the risk of a c-section by 28%
  • decreases the use of pitocin by 31%
  • decreases the risk of women being dissatisfied with their birth experience by 34%

Testimonials for Betsy


“Betsy was extremely helpful throughout my entire pregnancy. She provided me with information on several different healthcare providers that would be friendly towards my desire to have a VBAC. She was always available to answer any questions that I had, and would even send me articles to read on whatever topic that I had a question about…”

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“During the delivery, Betsy’s presence was very comforting. She was sensitive to my needs and was very prepared. She was encouraging and compassionate during the delivery. Betsy went above and beyond in every area of caring for me and supporting me. I sensed her genuine concern, and never felt like I was being rushed.”

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“Men – it’s worth it. The doula helps your partner feel empowered as a woman, and is still respectful of your privacy and dignity as the protector….And Betsy is awesome. She’s made to do this. Betsy has a very approachable aura. I know her personally, and know that she usually comes across as quiet and thoughtful, but as a doula…”

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