As your Doula, I am going to:

  • Be on call from your 38th week of pregnancy. I will come to your house and help you stay relaxed and distracted during early labor. I can help you determine when you want to go to the hospital.
  • Help and encourage you to deal with labor as best as you can. There is no right or wrong way for you to do it. I want to help you call on your inner strength to deal with labor. Give you suggestions for positions to try, and what pain coping techniques to try.
  • Remind you of what is a normal sensation of labor and not something to fear. Remind you that you are managing and that your body’s hormones will help you to continue to manage as the labor progresses.
  • Be ready at all times to be there for you, whether you need a touch, words, or a look. Breathe with you. Count breaths with you, etc.
  • Try to minimize distractions during the more intense parts of labor. Ask you between contractions what you liked or did not like. I’m not going to talk during contractions, but I want to help you find a better position or a better way to relax through the contractions because to labor effectively you need to be as relaxed as you can.
  • Acknowledge pain when it exists. I may respond with how your body is working to bring the baby out – the pain has a purpose behind it. But I will acknowledge your feelings.
  • Give you my undivided attention. I know that when you feel emotional support from me or your husband, that can somewhat take the place of drugs for pain relief.
  • Not give medical advice or interfere with the medical staff’s care in any way.
  • Encourage both of you to communicate your own needs to the hospital staff.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and speak words of encouragement and praise. I will try to keep the atmosphere around your birth calm, comforting, and encouraging (when it is in my power to do so).


My Doula Service includes:

  • Unlimited phone, text, email, and Facebook Messenger support during pregnancy and for one month postpartum.
  • A 36th week visit to:
    – Help form a birth plan
    – Discuss how members of the birth team will work together
    – Practice positions and comfort techniques
  • On call service beginning at 38 weeks until the birth of your baby.
  • Unlimited, continuous labor support (as allowed) during active labor.
  • Postpartum review of birth story and records from birth.
  • On call breastfeeding assistance two weeks after birth.
  • Invitations to bi-monthly informational meetings (more details available at; topics to include:
    – Breathing and Relaxation Exercises for Labor and Birth
    – Second Trimester Nutrition and Exercise
    – Welcoming Your Second Baby
    – Breastfeeding – Getting Off to a Good Start
    – Late Pregnancy Comfort and Final Preparations
    – Postpartum Preparation – Making a plan for an easy start

FEE: $800 (discounts for repeat clients)

Does this sound like the support you’re looking for?

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As I am now a doula with Complete Doula Services (a group of doulas here in Lawrence), you have the benefit of having a back-up doula, a fresh doula on-call each day at 6am, group classes, more postpartum and breastfeeding support, and birth plan assistance all included as part of the Doula service.


Birth Plan Assistance

Do you want to have a great birth, but not sure you need extra support? Maybe your mother or sister are able to attend your birth, but yet you still want to be prepared and have a plan for all the decisions that might come your way in birth. I would love to help you talk through your specific pregnancy and birth and be an expert coach for you!!

This package includes:

  • Unlimited phone, text, email, and Facebook Messenger support during pregnancy and for one month postpartum.
  • One to three face-to-face prenatal visits (approximately 60 minutes each).
  • Help developing birth plan.
  • If you wish, I will go with you to a prenatal appointment.

FEE: now included with Doula Services

Does this sound like the support you’re looking for?

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