What others have said about having Betsy as their Doula

Nate (Meghan) and baby Leo

“Men – it’s worth it. The doula helps your partner feel empowered as a woman, and is still respectful of your privacy and dignity as the protector.

Before I experienced having a doula, I was pretty indifferent about the idea. But now that I have done it, I’m glad I did. I was surprised how much time Betsy spent with us. In a good way.

And Betsy is awesome. She’s made to do this. Betsy has a very approachable aura. I know her personally, and know that she usually comes across as quiet and thoughtful, but as a doula, she showed the fullness of her character, which was bold yet still non-threatening.”

Meghan (Nate) and baby Leo

I was feeling very anxious about this delivery. My family lives in another state, so I knew my mom and sister would be unable to provide me support during the delivery. My husband is very supportive, but having never delivered a baby himself, his experience in this area is very limited.

When we arranged for Betsy to be my doula, I felt more relaxed knowing there was a woman I trusted that would be with me. Betsy’s presence was very comforting. She was sensitive to my needs and was very prepared. She was encouraging and compassionate during the delivery. Betsy went above and beyond in every area of caring for me and supporting me. I sensed her genuine concern, and never felt like I was being rushed.”

Christa, Chad & baby Reign

“Betsy is one of those people that being a mother just comes naturally to. Add in her positive attitude and calming demeanor and you have the perfect recipe for a doula.

Before my son came Betsy was always willing and able to listen to my worries and fears and she backed up each of her responses to me with not only credible sources but with an understanding heart. She truly loves the birthing process and speaks about it so passionately it was hard to not shed some of my worries and join her in the excitement.

While in labor Betsy provided my husband and I with numerous suggestions on different labor positions and genuinely encouraged us throughout the entire process. One of my favorite things she said was, “You guys are doing great together. You’re a good team!” That reassurance made me dig up energy I didn’t even know I had during labor. She timed each of my contractions for almost 6 hours and looked up every question I had during labor.

During those intimate moments Betsy stepped back and allowed my husband and I to be joyful together and she simply was just there for us if we needed her.

The days following my son’s birth Betsy asked several times about not only his well-being but mine also. As a new mother it is so very nice to have someone ask about you! Betsy truly understood this and made it a point to make sure I was adjusting well.

She was there for us through one of the most special times of our lives and we could not thank her enough!”

Ashley, Nate & baby Daniel

“Betsy was extremely helpful throughout my entire pregnancy. She provided me with information on several different healthcare providers that would be friendly towards my desire to have a VBAC. She was always available to answer any questions that I had, and would even send me articles to read on whatever topic that I had a question about; In the weeks leading up to my due date she texted me frequently to see how I was feeling.

During my labor, she was helpful in suggesting different positions for me to try. She was very encouraging throughout the whole process. She has also been very encouraging and helpful with my postpartum experience. She texts me every few days to see how I am doing and to see how breastfeeding is going.

I’m very thankful that I chose Betsy as my doula and I plan on using her in my future pregnancies.”

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